Reduced Carbon Footprint

We are reducing Florida’s carbon footprint. No more loaded semi-trucks traveling for days across our highways using fossil fuels and emitting carbon.

Reduced Costs

We are saving taxpayers money. With fewer semis on the highway it means less wear and tear on our road infrastructures. Less wear, means less repairs.

Increased Safety

We are helping make highways safer and less costly. Not shipping cattle out west means fewer semis on the highway, which means safer roads.

Environmental Strides

Our ranchers are natural environmentalist continually working to improve ways to raise our cattle responsibly, even without regulations. They desire to protect our land and natural resources, and to ensure the sustainability of Florida and the longevity of our industry.

Our ranchers have made strides in this area through innovation and improvements in nutrition and animal performance, crop yields, machinery, irrigation methods, and fertilizer techniques.

Sustainable Economy

We are helping our economy. Because we are now feeding and taking care of our cattle here in Florida for their entire lives, we buy a lot more food and supplies for them. When we buy from our local farmers and suppliers, and use local professionals like veterinarians, we help support their businesses. In turn, we help create more jobs and boost the Florida economy overall.

Protected Family Ranchers

To promote a sustainable Florida, our family cattle ranchers must be economically viable. Otherwise, they will lose their land. In the sunshine state, this often means more development and the loss of all the things FCR is striving to protect. It also means the loss of our ranching heritage. Our ranchers are always looking for new ways to innovate and manage our ranches to keep our businesses thriving. You can help by buying our products.

Humane Treatment of Animals

We are making life easier and less stressful for our cattle by not transporting them across the country to be fed. They remain in Florida their entire lives, outdoors. They always have access to clean, fresh water. Because we care about our cattle, their well-being affects every decision we make while raising them. And, we believe a stress-free life makes better tasting beef.

Land Conservation

We are saving our land. By continuing to ranch instead of closing our gates and selling to developers we keep green space open and available for animal habitats and recreational activities. Many of our larger ranching families have created conservation easements for significant portions of their land to insure that it remains intact in its natural setting for the future.

Green Space

As Florida becomes more and more developed, the open green space that the ranch land provides is critical. It is not only a source of food, but it also provides clean water and air. Grass and trees recycle carbon from all the automobile traffic in big cities.

Protected Heritage

Florida Cattle Ranchers are preserving an important part of Florida’s history. On many of our Member’s ranches it’s like stepping back into time. You get a glimpse of what Florida used to be 160 years ago – cowboys on horses with dogs herding cattle. This is a big part of Florida’s heritage we simply cannot lose.

Protected Endangered Species Habitats

We are preserving the natural habitats of many endangered species like black bears, alligators, and gopher tortoises. Most of the remaining Florida panthers live on ranch land. We also provide a safe haven for Florida’s endangered birds like the bald eagle, or the grasshopper sparrow, for example.

Florida Wildlife Corridor Contributor

Our ranch land also contributes to the Florida Wildlife Corridor. This corridor allows our wildlife to move freely throughout the state in search of food or other habitats without having to cross major highways or enter developed areas. By keeping our ranches and farms sustainable, we are helping to keep the Wildlife Corridor alive.

Protected Water Supply

We are helping maintain our state’s water supply. Ranchers provide thousands of square miles of water recharge areas that keep Florida’s water supply sustainable. The wetlands found on our ranches also contribute by acting like giant sponges absorbing large amounts of water and then releasing it slowly over time. Without these recharge areas, our valuable Florida water runs off into the ocean or other areas without ever replenishing the aquafers.

Your Role

Buy our Homegrown Beef – Raised Right. When you buy our beef you are supporting Florida. You are helping to protect Florida’s environment, water supply, wildlife habitats, and endangered species. You are helping to reduce Florida’s carbon footprint. You are helping to keep Florida’s green space open. You are supporting Florida businesses, and helping our economy to thrive. You are supporting one of Florida’s oldest heritages, dating back to the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. You are supporting your local family ranchers. And, for all these reasons, we thank you for buying our beef, and for your support.