To Get Involved

  • Become a Member of FCR.
  • Lease cattle delivery rights.
  • Background/feed cattle for FCR members.
  • Become an FCR Sponsor.
  • Sell your cull cows at a premium through our FCR Cull Cow Program.
  • Buy our Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef.
  • Become a direct beef dealer of Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef.

Leasing FCR
Delivery Rights

  • Ranchers may lease Cattle Delivery Rights from FCR or FCR members we connect you to.
  • A Marketing Fee, currently 1.5% of gross sales, is paid to FCR from the cattle sale price.

Beef Dealing

FCR is now licensing locations in Florida for direct sales of our beef to the consumer. This new initiative further emphasizes our mission to provide beef directly to our state from pasture to plate as these distributors consist of the very ranchers who put cattle into our program.

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