First All Florida Beef, Born and Raised, in Decades

Lake Wales, April 14, 2016 – Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC announced today that its ranchers are bringing to Floridians something they haven’t had in decades – homegrown beef born and raised in Florida. Their focus – raising high quality beef using wholesome, humane practices, and building a Sustainable Florida.

Color Logo New FontWhy Homegrown Is Better
“Most people believe homegrown is better. We know it is. By returning homegrown beef to our state we are helping Florida on multiple levels. We are improving the environment, open spaces, wildlife habitats, our natural resources, the economy, local businesses, family farms and ranches, and the cattle industry,” noted Cary Lightsey, Founding Member, Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC.

Beef bought in Florida is either from other states or is from cattle that were raised in Florida until weaned. They are then loaded on trucks and shipped to states out west to be fed until harvesting. “Raising homegrown beef is possible now because we have created a way to finish our cattle here in Florida after weaning. And, state farmers have developed ways to grow enough healthy food to feed them,“ said Don Quincey, Founding Rancher and Chairman of the Board of Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC.

How Our Beef Helps Build a Sustainable Florida
“By taking trucks off the highway that typically carry our cattle out west, we are reducing our carbon footprint,” noted Cary Lightsey. “Also, by keeping everything in Florida we are supporting local farmers and businesses. This creates jobs and boosts the economy.”

Supporting Florida’s ranching industry also means supporting the environment. “As stewards of the land, ranchers own and maintain a large portion of the undeveloped green space remaining in Florida. This land provides natural habitats for wildlife and endangered species. And, it allows for critical water recharge areas to protect our water supply,” said Don Quincey.

“Creating Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC is the natural continuation of the sustainable practices we have in place on our ranches. And, as the number of FCR member ranchers grows so will the quantity of ranchers committed to the same values and sustainable practices we share,” added Cary Lightsey. “Bringing cattle production from birth to fork back to Florida is a win-win for all Floridians. Together we are building a Sustainable Florida.”

Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC was founded in January 2016 by 13 likeminded cattle ranchers from across the state of Florida.


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