FCR and FCW partner to donate 150 lbs of fresh, Florida-raised beef to Hope Children’s Home

Florida Cattle Ranchers partnered with the Florida CattleWomen (FCW) to donate more than 150 lbs of Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef, a variety of Christmas gifts and beef gift certificates to Hope Children’s Home (Hope) for the holidays.

FCW has donated Christmas gifts and beef gift certificates to Hope for more than 25 years to assist the children’s home in providing beef to residents. However, FCW’s partnership with FCR enabled the organization to provide Hope with fresh beef products for the first time ever.

Hope will store the beef at their Tampa campus to provide the children, staff, house parents and caregivers with dishes made with local beef products throughout Christmas.

The contribution of beef gift certificates in addition to hotdogs, chuck roasts, New York strip steaks and burgers will ensure that residents at Hope’s Tampa campus have access to quality local beef and a premium source of protein for months to come.

FCR Chairman of the Board Gene Lollis said, “A core part of our mission is to give back to our communities, and it’s both an honor and a privilege to partner with FCW to donate beef to this amazing cause.”

While dropping off donations, representatives from FCR and FCW had the opportunity to educate some of the residents on Florida’s robust beef and cattle industries and how Florida cattle ranching is vital to our state’s natural land and economy.

Florida Cattle Ranchers’ ongoing mission is to provide Florida consumers with local beef using time-honored traditions, wholesome humane practices and an intentional focus on the sustainability of Florida and the betterment of the communities in which it operates.