Conservation Florida is proud to announce Florida Cattle Ranchers as the first corporate partner for the organization’s This Brand Saves Land™ corporate philanthropy campaign.

Florida Cattle Ranchers, or FCR, has committed to ensuring a healthy future for Florida in partnership with Conservation Florida by donating to support the land conservancy’s mission to protect Florida’s natural and agricultural landscapes for future generations.

When customers purchase Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef, a percentage of those sales will support Conservation Florida’s land protection capabilities as a part of the organization’s statewide effort to save critical ecosystems and wildlife corridors forever.

“This partnership is huge for the Florida Cattle Ranchers. We are thrilled to be working alongside Conservation Florida because we’re confident that this partnership will enable us to achieve new heights in conservation throughout our state,” said Gene Lollis, FCR founding member and chairman of the board.

FCR’s mission is to bring Florida consumers homegrown beef using time-honored traditions, wholesome and humane practices, and an intentional focus on the sustainability of Florida’s land and water resources with transparency and integrity. Driven by heritage and collaboration, FCR strives to make its mark by providing beef that’s born and raised in Florida.

As a This Brand Saves Land™ corporate partner, FCR has joined Conservation’s Florida’s fight for Florida. The partnership shows the strength of likeminded brands coming together and actively allows organizations to partake in practicing their Florida-focused values.

“It’s vitally important that Florida and our country at large get serious about land conservation to preserve this land before it’s gone,” said Gene Lollis.

Conservation Florida’s partnership with Florida Cattle Ranchers, and others within the campaign, is a driving force behind their ability to continue forging a conservation future in Florida. The effects of Conservation Florida’s land saving work are amplified and multiplied when we come together as Floridians to protect what is precious within our state.

Growing by nearly 1,000 newcomers each day, how we manage our natural resources over the next 10 years – what we save and what we pave – will undoubtedly determine Florida’s conservation future and the future of Florida as a whole.

“This state is not sustainable unless we preserve Florida’s ranch land that provides the resources necessary for survival like clean air, water recharge areas, green space and habitats for endangered species,” said Cary Lightsey, founding member of FCR. “My old saying has always been, ‘people don’t come here to see a housing development, they come here to see our beautiful ecosystem.’”

By partnering with businesses that share the same vision for Florida’s conservation future, Conservation Florida will expand its programs, its land protection pace, and propel the land conservancy to new conservation heights. This Brand Saves Land™ is a way for businesses to highlight their values, social responsibility, and how they are giving back to the community.

“We are proud to be partnering with the Florida Cattle Ranchers to achieve a joint vision for Florida,” said Traci Deen, Conservation Florida’s CEO. “We’re eager to link arms with Florida based brands that love this state and want to keep it wildly beautiful.”

About Conservation Florida
Conservation Florida is a statewide accredited land trust with a mission to save Florida’s natural and agricultural landscapes for future generations. Our conservation projects support Florida’s native plants and wildlife, fresh water, conservation corridors, family farms and ranches, the economy and nature-based recreation. Since our founding in 1999, Conservation Florida has led the way in strategic and evidence-based land protection and has saved over 25,000 acres of critical habitat through acquisition, facilitation and incubation of conservation projects.

We save land by developing conservation strategies, exploring funding sources and purchasing or accepting donations of land and conservation easements. Our other services include providing expertise to guide landowners through the land protection process, serving as a trusted community partner to support statewide land conservation and promoting land conservation through effective education and advocacy. Our vision is large-scale, and we are 100% committed to conservation in the state of Florida – for nature, for people, forever!