Building a Sustainable Florida

Our Responsibility

In 2015 a group of Florida cattle ranchers met to discuss the possibility of working together. The goal – return Florida to its early ranching heritage by producing cattle born and raised in Florida, something that hadn’t been done in decades.

During the meeting we discovered that as ranchers we also share a deep feeling of responsibility to help build a Sustainable Florida on multiple levels – the environment, open space, wildlife habitats, our natural resources, the economy, local businesses, family ranches and the cattle industry. Creating FCR is the natural continuation of the sustainable practices we have in place on our ranches. And, as the number of FCR member ranchers grows so will the quantity of ranchers committed to the same values and sustainable practices we share.

So now, we aren’t just producing and selling beef, born and raised in Florida. We are also building a Sustainable Florida. Our goal is for Floridians to learn who we are, what we are about, and why we do what we do. We are convinced that this knowledge will spread our passions and help us achieve a Sustainable Florida more quickly. To help with this, we have included on this web site the personal stories of our founding ranchers. We hope you will read them because they tell you what our company is all about better than any marketing campaign we could ever come up with. When you buy our Homegrown Beef – Raised Right you aren’t just buying quality, wholesome beef, you are helping to build a Sustainable Florida.

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