Why hasn’t florida produced homegrown beef in decades?

Florida’s ranching heritage began with a homegrown beef. But as the state became more populated, farm land became more scarce. Our farmers could no longer produce enough food to feed the cattle. Food would have to be shipped in from out west, adding to both the cost of the feed and the price of the beef, making it non-competitive. In addition, Florida has not had finishing facilities to feed the cattle after weaning until recently.


Why did you choos the tag line “Rare Beef, Well Done”?

We chose the tag line “Rare Beef ◊ Well Done” for two reasons. First because we thought it captured what our beef is all about. Second because we thought it was rather catchy. Our beef is “Rare” because it’s the first homegrown beef born and raised in Florida in decades. It’s “Well Done” because of the wholesome humane manner in which we raise our beef. Also, it’s high quality, great tasting beef. And, we are doing it in a way that helps build a Sustainable Florida. That’s certainly Rare Beef ◊ Well done.


What is the humane treatment of cattle?

The humane treatment of cattle means raising healthy cattle that are properly handled and cared for from birth until processing. This includes, for example, giving them essential nutrients that keep them healthy all year, providing immediate health care when needed, pinning them up only when necessary, creating safe facilities that reduce stress, and providing them space to move around freely in a comfortable environment. We also believe not transporting our cattle out west in trucks for many hours adds to a more stress-free life.


What do you mean by “Transparency”?

Transparency is very important to us. We want our consumers to be able to use modern technology and their mobile devices to trace our beef back to the Florida rancher who raised it. Whether it’s beef bought at the grocery store, or ordered at a restaurant, the consumer can follow the cow’s journey from farm to fork. You will be able to learn more about the ranchers who raised the cow along the way, with pictures and information about their families, ranches and cows.

Every cow that enters our system will be certified by the rancher as born and raised in Florida.

It also means that we will have third party verification of the quality of cows we raise.


What do you mean by “Sustainable Florida”?

Merriam-Webster defines sustainable as “able to last or continue for a long time.” Our goal is to help make Florida last a long time. We are doing this by raising our cattle in Florida from birth to fork. By extension this supports local farmers and businesses, which creates jobs and strengthens our state’s economy. We are also reducing our carbon footprint, using less fossil fuels and making the roads safer by not shipping our cattle out west. In addition, we are helping keep Florida ranching alive which allows our ranchers to hold onto their land and keep it from being developed. In turn this keeps our natural ecosystems thriving for wildlife and endangered species. In addition, the open space helps clean our air and filter our water. It also provides the needed recharge areas to replenish our water supply. All these things help ensure that a healthy Florida will be around for generations to enjoy after us.


How can the consumer help build a sustainable Florida?

When you buy our beef you are supporting Florida. You are helping to protect Florida’s environment, water supply, wildlife habitats, and endangered species. You are helping to reduce Florida’s carbon footprint. You are helping to keep Florida’s green space open. You are supporting Florida businesses, and helping our economy to thrive. You are supporting one of Florida’s oldest heritages, dating back to the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. You are supporting your local family ranchers. Help us build a Sustainable Florida for generations to come.


Why are Florida’s ranchers considered stewards of the land?

Ranchers are natural stewards of the land. We know the land is only borrowed for a time, and must be protected and preserved for the generations that follow us. We have a deep love of the land perhaps because we spend so much time observing wildlife and nature, and enjoying its incredible beauty. We understand how fragile Florida’s natural ecosystems are. How we choose to run our ranches and manage our land makes a difference in the lives of the wildlife we share it with. It also makes a difference in our state’s natural resources and conservation efforts. Lastly, we take care of the land because it helps us do what we love – ranching. If we don’t take care of it our livelihood and heritage will be lost.

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