We are Florida family cattle ranchers, proud of our state’s rich environment and ecosystems that enable us to raise cattle, feed Floridians and pass along the values and traditions of our robust ranching heritage. We are a diverse group with experience in all areas of producing cattle — from land conservation, sustainability, animal health, nutrition, production and marketing to processing and sales. We’ve joined together to bring you Homegrown Beef – Raised Right, one of the few beef programs from cattle born, raised and harvested in Florida in decades.


To bring back to Florida consumers homegrown beef, born and raised in our state using: time-honored traditions, wholesome humane practices, and an intentional focus on the sustainability of Florida — our environment, our land, our wildlife, our economy, our cattle industry, and our heritage, all done with transparency and integrity so we can always be proud of our work and never stop having fun doing it.

FCR Values

Our beef is unique because no matter how you like your beef cooked, most people believe “homegrown” is better. We know it’s better. For decades beef cattle born in our state have been weaned and then shipped out west to be fed for the rest of their lives. Not our beef. It’s “homegrown.” It’s wholesome beef born and raised right here in Florida. It’s Homegrown Beef – Raised Right.

Our beef is “raised right” because we raise our cattle using time-honored, safe and humane practices to protect them – as well as Florida’s beautiful open spaces, environment, natural resources and animal habitats. And bringing all production back to our state contributes to a better, more sustainable Florida.


FCR Partners

This Brand Saves Land
Florida Cattle Ranchers is part of a corporate partnership opportunity called This Brand Saves Land™. Through this partnership, .01/lb of all Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef sold is contributed to Conservation Florida to conserve Florida’s land with outstanding agriculture and conservation values for generations to come.

Fresh From Florida®
Because Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef is born, raised and harvested in Florida, our beef is Fresh From Florida certified, meaning it’s raised on plenty of feed, fresh water, the freedom to wander, and Florida Sunshine.

Video Stories

FCR: An Awareness of Tradition and Environment

Our ranchers are natural environmentalists continually working to improve ways to raise our cattle responsibly, even without regulations. They desire to protect our land and natural resources, and to ensure the sustainability of Florida and the longevity of our industry.


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Florida Cattle Ranchers Beef is served at restaurants throughout the state of Florida but can also be purchased directly from third party distributors who sell our beef at farmers markets and other locations in Florida.

Florida Cattle Ranchers Map

Usher Farm

Chiefland, FL

Quincey Cattle Co.

Chiefland, FL

Etheridge Ranch

Williston, FL

Blackbeards Ranch

Myakka, FL

Carlton Ranch

Wauchula, FL

G7 Ranch

Lake Wales, FL

Lightsey Ranch

Lake Wales, FL

Dixie Ranch

Okeechobee, FL

Lykes Bros. Ranch

Brighton, FL

First American Ranch

Brighton, FL

Buck Island Ranch

Lake Placid, FL

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