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Florida Cattle Ranchers’ New Venture Helps Build a Sustainable Florida

First All Florida Beef, Born and Raised, in Decades Lake Wales, April 14, 2016 – Florida Cattle Ranchers, LLC announced today that its ranchers are bringing to Floridians something they haven’t had in decades – homegrown beef born and raised in Florida. Their focus – raising high quality beef using wholesome, humane practices, and building a Sustainable Florida. Why Homegrown Is Better “Most people believe homegrown is better. We know it is. By returning homegrown beef to our state we are helping Florida on multiple levels. We are improving the environment, open spaces, wildlife habitats, our natural resources, the economy,

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East Manatee ranch hosts Operation Blackbeard, a camp for children of America’s warriors killed in battle

BY JAMES A. JONES EAST MANATEE — Sixteen children of special operations members killed in the Iraq War are taking part in Operation Blackbeard in East Manatee. The group of Gold Star Teens range in age from 13 to 18 and includes girls and boys who are participating in horseback riding, hunting and other activities. They are drawn from around the United States from a pool of about 130 in the program. Many of the volunteers running the camp knew the teens’ parents and feel a responsibility to help the youngsters grow in confidence and succeed in the future.