Brad Etheridge  Williston, Florida – Etheridge Cattle Company

EtheridgeThe Etheridge family began their ranching operation in Williston, Florida in 1998.  Brad Etheridge owns and oversees the ranch along with his wife, Shannon, who manages the office. The couple has two children, Baylee (17) and Colby (13), who help out on the ranch on a daily basis.  The ranch also has nine full-time employees and many seasonal workers.

Etheridge Cattle Company consists of a preconditioning facility, cow/calf operation, feed mill and watermelons. The pre-conditioning facility focuses on frequent communication with cow/calf customers throughout the entire program. “Being involved with the cattle before they arrive at our finishing facility gives us the best start possible at raising quality, great-tasting beef,” says Brad.  In addition, the ranch has implemented various control mechanisms to help ensure quality and the humane treatment of their cattle.

“Having our own feed mill gives us the ability to control the food our cattle receive, and we can ensure that it’s the quality we demand, “ adds Brad… “Also, many of the commodities we use are grown locally, then processed at our mill.  It’s a great way to support our local farmers.”

Etheridge Cattle Company’s goal is to provide a safe, wholesome, local product that our customers will enjoy.