Our Commitments to you, our consumers, retail partners and FCR ranching family members.

WHOLESOME QUALITY BEEF: We are committed to providing our consumers wholesome, healthy, great tasting beef, and sharing with them the value that comes with choosing homegrown Florida beef.

HUMANE TREATMENT OF OUR CATTLE: We are committed to raising healthy cattle that are properly handled and cared for from birth until processing. This includes, for example, giving them essential nutrients that keep them healthy all year, and providing them space to move around freely in a comfortable environment.

TRANSPARENCY: We are committed to operational transparency for our consumers. To that end, we’ll harness technology so that customers can track the origin and processing of any cut of our Florida born and raised beef.

CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: We are committed to conscientiously managing our ranches and cattle in a manner that supports our members’ collective focus on conservation, freshwater recharge, green space, endangered species habitats, reduced carbon footprint, and a fresh, clean air supply.

INTEGRITY AND COMMUNITY: We are committed to growing an economically viable company of which our members are proud, that is operated with integrity, and that supports its members with the knowledge necessary to produce the quality of beef required by FCR in a sustainable and conscientious manner.