Our Story

JPEG F01 0895Our story is about Florida Cattle Ranchers, and building a Sustainable Florida.

In 2015 a group of Florida cattle ranchers met to discuss the possibility of working together. The goal – return Florida to its early ranching heritage by producing cattle born and raised in Florida, something that hadn’t been done in decades.

During the meeting we discovered that as ranchers we also share a deep feeling of responsibility to help build a Sustainable Florida on multiple levels…

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Our History

We have the oldest ranching story in the United States. It begins almost 500 years ago when the earliest Spanish explorers and seven Andalusia cattle arrived on Florida’s sandy shores. Ponce De Leon was their leader, and the year was 1521. Most people believe these cattle are the first domesticated cattle in the United States. They also believe they are the original ancestors of the hearty scrub cattle we still have in Florida today.

Later Spanish settlers brought more herds of cattle with them. As they…

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Our Heritage – What Our Forefathers Taught Us

Our Commitments

Our story is about Florida Cattle Ranchers, and building a Sustainable Florida.

WHOLESOME QUALITY OF BEEF: We are committed to providing our consumers wholesome, healthy, great tasting beef, and sharing with them the value that comes with choosing homegrown and raised Florida beef.
HUMANE TREATMENT OF OUR CATTLE: We are committed to raising healthy cattle that are properly handled and cared for from birth until processing. This includes giving them essential nutrients that keep them healthy all year…

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Our Transparency

Transparency is very important to us. This means we want our consumers to be able to use modern technology and their mobile devices to trace our beef back to the rancher who raised it. Whether it’s beef bought at the grocery store, or ordered at a restaurant, you can follow the cow’s journey from farm to fork. And, you will be able…

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