Welcome to Florida Cattle Ranchers

We are Florida family cattle ranchers, proud of our state’s ranching heritage, its values and traditions. We are a diverse group with experience in all areas of producing cattle — from animal health, nutrition, production and marketing to processing and sales. We’ve joined together to bring you Homegrown Beef – Raised Right, the first beef born and raised in Florida in decades.

PASTURE TO PLATE | Presented by Florida Cattle Ranchers, Cheney Brothers and Florida Cracker Kitchen

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Homegrown Beef, Raised Right!

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THE SCIENCE OF A FLORIDA RANCH | Presented by Archbold Biological Station

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Our Mission:

To bring back to Florida consumers homegrown beef, born and raised in our state using:

time-honored traditions,

wholesome humane practices, and

an intentional focus on the sustainability of Florida — our environment, our land, our wildlife, our economy, our cattle industry, and our heritage,

all done with transparency and integrity so we can always be proud of our work and never stop having fun doing it.

Our Advantage:

Our diversity is our strength. Our collective knowledge is our tool. Our shared passion for ranching, wildlife, Florida, and the sanctity of the land we care for, is our motivation. The ranching heritage of hard work, integrity, family, tenacity, and doing one’s best in all things is the glue that binds us together to achieve our goals and to produce our great tasting Homegrown Beef – Raised Right.

“Homegrown Beef”

Our beef is unique because no matter how you like your beef cooked, most people believe “homegrown” is better. We know it’s better. For decades beef cattle born in our state have been weaned and then shipped out west to be fed for the rest of their lives. Not our beef. It’s “homegrown.” It’s wholesome beef born and raised right here in Florida. It’s Homegrown Beef – Raised Right.

“Raised Right”

Our beef is “raised right” because we raise our cattle using time-honored, safe and humane practices to protect them – as well as Florida’s beautiful open spaces, environment, natural resources and animal habitats. And bringing all production back to our state contributes to a better, more sustainable Florida. We raise beef we’re proud to serve to our consumers…and to our own families.
Homegrown Beef – Raised Right.

The Value of Homegrown Beef - Raised Right

In a word, SUSTAINABILITY – By bringing back Florida beef, born and raised, we are helping make Florida sustainable on multiple levels – the environment, open space, wildlife habitats, our natural resources, the economy, local businesses, family ranches and the cattle industry. What most Floridians haven’t known until now is that the beef they buy in Florida is either from other states or is from cattle that were raised in Florida until weaned, then loaded on trucks and shipped to states out west to be fed until harvesting. What’s changed? — We’ve created a way to feed our cattle here in Florida, and our state farmers are now able to grow enough healthy food for them to eat. The bottom Line — Bringing cattle production from birth to fork back to Florida makes a difference to all Floridians. Together we are building a Sustainable Florida.

The Sustainability of

Homegrown beef – raised right